It’s no secret that people make the difference in a business, and that is no different in our industry.

We pride ourselves on offering a variety of value-added services but the one that has the biggest impact, is related to our people. In a recent customer experience survey, 28% of respondents ranked our Tech Reps as the most valuable service we provide.

Here at FinishMaster, we provide an impressive product portfolio for shops of all shapes and sizes, but the real power of our service lies in the hands of our knowledgeable technical representatives.  They are much more than skilled painters with years of experience, they are dedicated individuals that continuously attend manufacturer and industry training to stay up to date on new products and application techniques.

So why are tech reps so valuable to us as a business and the industry as a whole?

A valued tech rep serves as a partner to body shop owners and managers. They are in shops training, troubleshooting, installing, repairing and replacing equipment every day. Customers turn to them when they have a color they cannot quite match or equipment that needs to be serviced. Customers trust their dedicated tech reps, counting on them to provide solutions that keep them their customers happy and their shops running smoothly.

When a new partnership begins, our tech reps work alongside manufacturer representatives to install new mixing equipment and dedicate time to training painters and preppers on new products and procedures. EPA rules and regulations are often changing, and tech reps provide training to ensure your shop personnel stay updated and compliant, helping to minimize your risk.

Tech reps are not just teachers, they are also problem solvers.

“I can’t imagine not having a tech team with FinishMaster, it’s a peace of mind knowing one phone call and I can avoid a crisis and keep my shop running.”

 – Ed Thomas, Body Shop Manager @ Universal Nissan/Hyundai in Orlando, FL

Beyond training and troubleshooting, technical representatives can also perform shop audits to ensure equipment is properly maintained, the correct products are being used and that there are no efficiency or productivity concerns.

If a shop owner is concerned about inventory and waste, a tech rep can come in and work with painters and production managers to provide solutions in real time. A valuable tech rep is well versed in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is equipped to help track usage. This helps owners and managers monitor the shop’s activity and implement or revise new standard operating procedures.

When recently asked about the role tech reps play in our business Josh Daniels, FinishMaster Tech Rep out of Orlando, Florida, responded, “The easiest way to put it is, if your house is on fire, you call 911 for  a professional to put that fire out. That’s what a rep is for our customers. A lot of the calls coming in are usually when a shop is in trouble and they need a professional. That’s the great part of being a technical rep. When I show up, they know I’m there to get them out of a crisis!”

When you get down to business, a tech rep is there to help shops run productively and efficiently, helping owners and managers on their path to success.

Founded in 1968, FinishMaster has grown to be the national distribution leader in the automotive and industrial refinishing industry. FinishMaster has grown to 180 branch locations, five major distribution centers in 33 states and employs more than 1,600 team members. Our mission is to is to provide quality products, services and solutions with a steadfast commitment to our customers and their continued success. For more information, visit

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