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The Right ADAS Equipment and Service Info = Productivity and Profit

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Sit right down and let us tell you a story about the woebegone body shop that lost a ton of hours and a stash of cash on a simple procedure … all because of not having the right equipment.   

It goes a little something like this: a collision repair facility was trying to reset front radar sensors. Bob the Technician had worked on them for eight hours each, never being able to successfully reset them. As a result, both ended up at a dealer, who reset the sensors within 20 minutes and charged $200.

Bob was asked what information system he used to determine the recalibration process, and it was a well-known info provider in the industry. He was then asked to look up the Toyota procedure in ShopKey Pro, which delivers complete OEM repair, estimating and maintenance information along with real-world knowledge in a single lookup to help techs repair vehicles more accurately and efficiently.

Bob found the procedure, which stated, “For this manufacturer’s date and earlier, use this procedure; for this date and later, use this procedure (a completely different procedure).” Bob was asked if the original info he had looked up made the distinction between different dates, and he said it did not. He simply did not have access to the correct procedure. If he had been able to access the correct information at the vehicle and had an information source that accounted for mid-year shifts in data, he could have completed the recalibration in 20 minutes. You have to make sure your source of information is reliable, up to date and correct.

The lesson? Body shops need a ZEUS+ with ShopKey Pro because it gives you everything you need to complete ADAS work successfully and profitably. Anything less will result in failure and unproductive labor. Another word to the wise: no matter what scan tool you’re using, make sure its coverage/software is up to date.

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