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HD Repair Forum to Showcase OEMs and Insurers

The HD Repair Forum announced that it will once again be showcasing OEMs and insurers and their involvement in the heavy-duty collision industry at their conference April 18-19 in Forth Worth, Texas.

Smaller, Regional Auto Insurers Get Top Grades from Repairers

According to the 2021 CRASH Network Insurer Report Card, collision repairers continue to see smaller auto insurers outpacing the 10 largest insurers.

Shops’ Opportunity to Grade Insurers Ends This Week

This is the final week for collision repairers to grade insurers in their state via CRASH Network’s Insurer Report Card.

CRASH Network Asks Repairers to Grade Insurers

CRASH Network has once again announced the launch of its “insurer report card” to allow collision repairers to grade the performance of insurers in their state.

Smaller and Regional Insurers Get Top Grades from Repairers

Smaller, lesser-known insurers received the highest marks from collision repairers asked to grade the auto insurers’ claims practices in the 2020 CRASH Network “Insurer Report Card.”

Toyota Offers Opt-in, Usage-Based Auto Insurance

Toyota Insurance Management Solutions (TIMS) has launched a usage-based insurance program for owners of their cars.

AXA: Electric Cars Could Mean More Crashes

AXA Insurance recently reported that “luxury car/SUV” electric vehicles post around a 40 percent higher claims frequency than vehicles with conventional powertrains.

What You Need to Know About the 1963 Consent Decree

You’ve probably heard that the Department of Justice is considering terminating the 1963 Consent Decree – which means you’ve probably asked yourself, is it even worth all the hullabaloo?

California Insurance Commissioner to Return Donations from Insurance Industry

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has apologized to the state after breaking his campaign pledge to refuse contributions from the insurance industry.

Tesla Offers Auto Insurance in California

Tesla has launched an insurance service designed to give drivers in California – its biggest market – lower rates because of safety features on its electric vehicles, according to an article by Reuters.

Who Will Be the Insurers of the Future?

Yesterday, your customers were clients of State Farm, GEICO and Allstate, but the customer and insurer of tomorrow may be changing due to automated driving technology and more precise OEM repair procedures.

Liberty Mutual Donates to Help Four Massachusetts Collision Programs

Liberty Mutal has donated $25,000 to the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) to help make sure the next generation of collision repair professionals is receiving the proper training in up-to-date facilities with modern equipment and tools.