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Traits of a Process Orientated Body Shop

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Repairing vehicles right the first time, on time, with exceptional customers service is easier said than done. ABRA Auto Body Repair Experts of America have built a reputation for being a processes-orientated group of collision repair facilities. Although these traits may seem obvious, they are often overlooked at the average body shop.

Eliminate the Time-Wasting Processes

Before incorporating any new processes, ABRA facilities ensure they don’t spend time on anything that does not drive valued to their customers’ experience or repair quality. Repairing vehicles right the first time and every time, makes a larger difference than one may think. As ABRA has a commitment to repair quality, it’s facilities don’t have to waste the large amount of time that comes with rework.

Another time-wasting task is, unnecessarily moving vehicles, parts or tools throughout the facility. To eliminate this habit, ABRA owners work closely with its operational coaches and vendor partners to understand the best shop layout. This eliminates the need to unnecessarily move items around, because they will be in the right place from the beginning, streamlining ABRA’s efficiency and touch time.

Incorporate Job Position Processes

Does every team member have their own daily to-do checklist? Do they know what they need to do when they’re not busy? Do they know what they need to do when they are busy?

Setting expectations for each individual job, as well as team goals helps build a winning culture. This means creating a process for each position, so team members know what they must do each day and don’t go into their job overwhelmed at the unknown. Periodically bringing the entire team together whether it is daily or weekly for a team meeting also helps build collective group goals. If you hit a certain milestone on a KPI metric, you will bring in a food truck for lunch. Or if everyone helps to earn a new shop certification everyone gets a cash gift card. ABRA ensure its teams have both individual and group goals, driving employee satisfaction and ultimately shop KPIs.

Create Scheduling Processes

Date management is critical to a repair center’s success. Do all your cars come in on Monday and go out on a Friday? Have you heard your customer service representative turn away a walk-in because, “they didn’t have an appointment?” These are two big indicators that your scheduling may not be in order.

Fortunately, ABRA facilities understand how to leverage their tools for optimal scheduling. Customers will wait for quality repairs, so if a car is drivable, try and schedule customers in through the week. However, it is crucial you still leave room for walk-ins every day, as not every customer will understand the need for an appointment, and you don’t want to be in a position to turn down work.

Continue Cleanliness Processes

Most shops have cleanliness standards, maybe even a sign that says, “Employees must wash their hands.” However, pre-pandemic, was sanitization ever this important? Adding in a process for cleanliness and maybe more importantly accountability to ensure its followed, keeps your staff safe and happy.

For ABRA, this means hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility including at the front desk, at workstations, in employee areas. Incorporating sanitizer spray steps in the repair process, so spraying a car when it comes in, during the repair process and when it goes out. Adding processes to clean frequently touched shop surfaces at the end of each day. An overwhelming majority of facilities saw a healthier workforce as employees went without the typical cold and flus, due to the increased concentration on health and safety.

The ABRA Auto Body Repair Experts of America Difference

These traits simply scratch the surface of ABRA’s robust operational playbook. With almost 60 facilities throughout the U.S., ABRA owners have the tools needed to operate at the highest level of collision repair excellence.

Visit to learn more or complete this form if you would like to work with ABRA Auto Body Repair Experts of America.

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