BendPak Introduces New EV Battery Pack and Powertrain Lifting System

BendPak Introduces EV Battery Pack/Powertrain Lifting System

BendPak’s SL24EVT EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system helps technicians safely and efficiently remove, service and install heavy battery packs from a wide range of electric vehicles.

BendPak’s new SL24EVT EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system helps technicians safely and efficiently remove, service and install heavy battery packs from a wide range of electric vehicles. And thanks to an innovative design that supports a full line of available accessories, it also doubles as a powertrain lift for internal combustion vehicles.

The SL24EVT is compact and portable, with a pallet-jack type steering wheel and oversized urethane casters engineered to provide low rolling resistance and excellent maneuverability anywhere in the shop, even in tight spaces. With a press of the button on the pendant controller, the SL24EVT elevates to more than six feet in less than 20 seconds. The lift table securely supports 2,400 lbs. on its oversized 40×60-in. cushioned rubber platform, providing stability throughout battery replacement, repair, recycling and material handling procedures.

“We were inspired to develop the SL24EVT lifting system after seeing some of the creative do-it-yourself solutions technicians were using to remove EV battery packs weighing more than 1,000 lbs.,” said Jeff Kritzer, executive vice president of BendPak. “BendPak’s SL24EVT eliminates any manual lifting or lowering of the battery pack and makes it easy to securely move the pack around the shop without worry.”

Like the electric vehicles it supports, the SL24EVT EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system is battery-powered. It uses a maintenance-free 12-volt deep-cycle battery featuring proprietary, high-density grid technology precisely engineered to deliver outstanding performance. A fully automatic three-stage battery charger offers connect-and-forget operation to protect against overcharging. An integrated thermal sensor detects ambient temperature and adjusts the 15-amp output to prevent overcharging in hotter areas and undercharging in cold climates.

Full-length utility trays provide ample storage for tools and fasteners during all stages of service and battery pack removal. Sixteen recessed mounting anchors in the lift platform surface accommodate a variety of modular fixtures, adapters and accessories that can be added, repositioned or removed as needed to handle engines, transmissions, gas tanks and transaxle assemblies. 

Available add-ons include:

  • Telescoping arm kit provides multi-configurable support of large, heavy and awkward vehicle components. 
  • Multi-point adapter safely supports components like axles, transfer cases and bumpers. 
  • Tilt deck makes it possible to tilt the table surface side-to-side and fore and aft for more precise alignment of electric batteries, engine and drivetrain assemblies, and fuel tanks. 
  • Adjustable Accu-Point support fixtures are independently adjustable arms that can be adapted to nearly any transmission, drivetrain or vehicle subframe shape.
  • The universal deck mount kit features a center support pin that adapts to virtually any competitive transmission jack heads, drivetrain adapters or fuel tank supports.

The SL24EVT is designed for durability and low maintenance with features like high-performance sleeve bushings and thrush plate bearings at every pivot point and polished 70,000 psi ultimate-strength pins for premium load strength and long life. Structural cross-members at every scissor joint minimize leg deflection, while the durable 1/4-in. thick steel platform minimizes deck deflection, maximize load stability and extends the lifting platform life. 

To protect technicians, integrated hydraulic velocity fuses completely stop the lift in the unlikely event of an uncontrolled descent due to sudden hydraulic hose rupture. A dual safety bar system is easy to engage and should always be used when performing maintenance or reaching under the SL24EVT for additional peace of mind.

The BendPak SL24EVT EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system complies with recognized standards including ANSI MH29.1 – Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissor Lifts, NFPA 70 National Electric Code, ASTM – A36 – Structural Steel Standard, ANSI Z535 – Safety Labeling Requirements, AWS D.1 – Welding Standards, and applicable portions of OSHA 29CFR1910 – General Workplace Safety.

“The number of electric vehicles on the road is only going to continue to grow,” says Kritzer. “Shops that want to keep up need to invest in equipment like the SL24EVT lifting system that helps their technicians efficiently service any vehicle, regardless of its powertrain.”

For more information on the BendPak SL24EVT scissors lift table, click here or call (800) 253-2363.

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