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SCRS, Spanesi Announce Booth Drawing at SEMA Show

The SCRS and Spanesi Americas will offer two lucky attendees the chance to win a combined $12,000-plus of equipment for their repair facility.

Spanesi to Host KTL Restorations at SEMA Booth

Spanesi Americas announced they will be welcoming KTL Restorations’ Aruba Eliminator into their SEMA 2022 booth this year.

D&M Auto Body Wins Spanesi Welder at NORTHEAST 2022

Dave Rush of D&M Auto Body won a Q5.2 three-torch MIG/MAG welder from prize sponsor Spanesi Americas at NORTHEAST.

Spanesi Interactive Channel to Highlight Tech Shortage

The Spanesi Interactive Channel will present, “Hiring the Next Generation of Technicians,” on May 19 at 12 p.m. CDT featuring CREF’s Brandon Eckenrode.

Spanesi Introduces New Webinar Series

Beginning in March 2022, the Spanesi Interactive Channel will return with all-new guests discussing relevant topics, product training, tutorials, collision industry issues and business growth strategies.

Spanesi Presents Spanesi Interactive Week Oct. 25-29, 2021

Spanesi Interactive Week is free to attend and will be broadcast virtually to accommodate customers from all around the world.

AirPro Diagnostics Enters into Exclusive Agreement with Spanesi North America

AirPro Diagnostics will offer its diagnostic and ADAS calibrations technology solutions to Spanesi current and prospective customers as part of the “Spanesi 360° Concept” offering.

Spanesi Debuts New Virtual Tour of North American Headquarters

Designed to feature the entire Spanesi 360° Concept, visitors are able to easily move around the facility to explore Spanesi’s equipment, products and service offerings.

When there’s blood in the streets, buy real estate.

Money is just lying there for the taking right now. Before you even think about saying, “But ….”, just stop right there. Right in front of you, there are thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars just sitting there waiting for you to pick them up and find them a home in your bank accounts.

Spanesi Americas Unveils New Website

Spanesi Americas announced it has launched a new company website at

Spanesi Updates Spanesi Cares COVID-19 Business Resources Site

Spanesi has continuously updated the website, which features COVID-19 resource information for the collision repair industry.

Spanesi Welders Included in Tesla Body Repair Program

Spanesi’s 14500A spot welder and Q5.2 three-torch synergic MIG/MAG welder have been included in the Tesla Body Repair Program-approved Global Tooling Master List.