AkzoNobel's New MIXIT Mobile App for Vehicle Refinishes Now Available

AkzoNobel’s New MIXIT Mobile App for Vehicle Refinishes Now Available

The new app will enable AkzoNobel to cater to the vehicle refinish industry's increased need for greater accuracy and efficiency in color matching.

Body shops, technicians and painters across the globe can now get instant access to the latest color formulas following the launch of the new MIXIT mobile app from AkzoNobel’s Vehicle Refinishes business.

Designed to enhance mobility at work, it’s now available for download in the App store and Google Play store – continuing the company’s long tradition of developing the industry’s leading digital color techniques and technologies.

The new app – which supports the company’s innovation strategy of moving towards more digital solutions – will enable AkzoNobel to cater to the vehicle refinish industry’s increased need for greater accuracy and greater efficiency in color matching.

An extension of the company’s advanced MIXIT color identification and retrieval system, it uses cloud-based software to give users immediate access to its vast database of more than two million colors and variants – with more being added every day.

“MIXIT is a fast, easy-to-use tool with advanced search and filtering features that allow users access to accurate results in the shortest time,” said Henri Bijsterbosch, digital color manager of AkzoNobel’s Vehicle Refinishes business. “Its introduction means customers now have the latest color knowledge at hand, wherever they are.”

Both the MIXIT website and mobile app are central to Colorvation (www.colorvation.com), AkzoNobel’s unique approach to vehicle refinishing which was launched to empower the use of digital technology. Under the Colorvation banner, the company will continue to add new elements to make matching colors from different devices an integrated, effortless and secure experience.

“It will also be important to incorporate customer feedback into the further development of MIXIT, so we can adapt and improve together,” said Bijsterbosch.

The MIXIT web service can now function as a primary system for any bodyshops that simply want to search and mix colors, as well as tracking their color history using the benefits of the secure cloud-based storage system.

Customers can also connect with the future of color retrieval by visiting https://app.mixitcloud.com to start using the tool immediately.

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