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NABC Introduces Body Shop Image Award, Award of Distinction

New Body Shop Image Award calls attention to attractive and appealing facilities, while Pride Award gets replaced by Award of Distinction.

The National Auto Body Council (NABC) has introduced the Body Shop Image Award, which will call attention to the beneficial impact an attractive, well-designed facility can have on its surrounding community. The nominated body shop determined to have made the most significant improvements to its interior and exterior appearance will receive this recognition. Evaluations will be made by the NABC Award Committee.

"Body shops across the country continue to remodel their buildings and surrounding environments to make them more pleasing to the eye and, as such, an asset to the neighborhoods in which they’re located," said Award Chairman Kent Seavey, president, off-airport operations at Hertz. "The National Auto Body Council feels the time has come to draw attention to the striking and often beautiful designs that have become a part of today’s collision repair industry, and this exciting new award will celebrate that. We want to bring the cause to every shop across the country."

The competition, which will run through mid-September, applies to any body shop remodeling project completed during the calendar year 2012. One winner and three runners-up will be recognized. Each will receive visual recognition on the NABC website. The name of every facility entering the competition will be listed on the website as well.

"Our industry continues to exhibit its determination to continually improve its professionalism," said NABC Executive Director Chuck Sulkala. "The remarkable visual and functional improvements in our places of business symbolize this advance, and they need to be shared with the general public. Not only is it important, it’s going to be a lot of fun. We’re really looking forward to it."

The NABC also announced that it’s retiring
its longstanding Pride Award and is replacing it with the
newly-christened Award of Distinction.

The Award of Distinction carries forth the essence and character of the
Pride Award from which it is being transitioned. The recognition will
continue to embody the NABC’s mission to promote the image of the
collision repair profession, celebrating individuals or groups from the
industry who selflessly contribute to the world around them.

"We see the Award of Distinction as the next step in the evolution of
the Pride Award," said NABC Award Chairman Seavey. "The NABC board envisions the award may
become broader in scope in the future, hence the new name. There’s no
question, however, that this recognition proceeds directly from ‘the
first great NABC initiative.’"

The award has been given for bravery, philanthropy, charity and selfless
acts of kindness. It transcends the rigors of daily business to uncover
those helping the world around them without a thought of recognition
for themselves. Any individual, business organization or group employed
in a collision industry-related segment such as a collision repair
facility, vehicle manufacturer, supplier/vendor, educator, insurer,
independent appraiser or trade association is eligible to be nominated.

In addition, the NABC is making a concerted effort to recognize those
who perform good deeds on an ongoing basis, not within the confines of
any particular timeframe.

"Any time someone in the industry does something worthy of the award,
we’d like to encourage folks to go the NABC website and fill out the
form we provide," said NABC Board Member Janet Chaney. "The individuals
who are so recognized will be featured in our newsletter and will automatically become nominees for the Award of Distinction."

Added NABC National Director Sulkala, "The collision repair
industry is a dynamic profession that continually adapts to best address
the challenges facing it. As our industry moves forward, it makes sense
that the awards promoting it should evolve, too. Like the Pride Award
that came before it, the Award of Distinction will serve to shine a
bright light on the best the industry has to offer." 

More Information:

Those wishing to nominate a shop for the Body Shop Image Award should submit a nomination form to the NABC with three exterior images and one interior image of the facility. The form and a complete description of the nominating process is available here.

Those wishing to submit a nomination for the Award of Distinction should submit this form

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