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Smaller, Regional Auto Insurers Get Top Grades from Repairers

According to the 2021 CRASH Network Insurer Report Card, collision repairers continue to see smaller auto insurers outpacing the 10 largest insurers.

Estimate…Or True Opportunity For Repair?

If you feel the request for an estimate is a waste of time, you may need to modify your thinking and estimating practices.

A Conversation with an Insurance Claims Manager

A real conversation with an insurance claims manager reveals the plethora of misinformation out there regarding the claims/repair process.

Shops’ Opportunity to Grade Insurers Ends This Week

This is the final week for collision repairers to grade insurers in their state via CRASH Network’s Insurer Report Card.

CRASH Network Asks Repairers to Grade Insurers

CRASH Network has once again announced the launch of its “insurer report card” to allow collision repairers to grade the performance of insurers in their state.

Fighting Insurers: ABAT Takes Action

The Auto Body Association of Texas has come up with a novel way to alert departments of insurance to insurer wrongdoing.

Insurers: How Low Will They Go?

If a shop doesn’t bend to an insurer’s mandates, they will often take the position of: if you’re not with us, then you’re against us.

Estimating: Insurers vs. Repairers

The repairer is the expert, and they should be the ones who determine what damages have occurred as well as the best method for a proper repair.

Smaller and Regional Insurers Get Top Grades from Repairers

Smaller, lesser-known insurers received the highest marks from collision repairers asked to grade the auto insurers’ claims practices in the 2020 CRASH Network “Insurer Report Card.”

Attorney Erica Eversman, Former Shop Owner Present at 2018 Repairer Driven Education (RDE)

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) has released a new video from the 2018 RDE lineup featuring attorney Erica Eversman and former shop owner Wade Ebert as they present “More than Just a Hand Shake: The Professional Administrative (Legal) Documents You Really Need to Operate a Successful Shop”.

Collision Terminology: Good and Bad

I’ve often shuddered at collision industry jargon and buzzwords that often paint repairers as rough, crude and unsophisticated Neanderthals.

Playing to Win with Insurers

The phrase, “I’m not paying for that,” haunts repairers as they try to rationalize how on earth they can make a proper repair if the insurer isn’t going to pay for the needed work.