UpdatePromise to Power Fully Integrated Honda and Acura Tire Program

UpdatePromise to Power Honda and Acura Tire Program

Participating Honda and Acura dealerships will now be able to transparently communicate tire safety condition using near real-time visual displays of tire tread depth and alignment conditions while in the service lane with consumers.

UpdatePromise, the leading consumer experience management system (CEMS) SaaS company, has announced a strategic alignment with TraXtion (formerly Tire Profiles) and TR Wholesale Solutions, with American Honda validating the integration for use at Honda and Acura dealers.

Participating Honda and Acura dealerships are now empowered to transparently communicate the safety condition of vehicle tires using near real-time visual displays of tire tread depth and alignment conditions while in the service lane with consumers. Technicians will also see the added benefit of reduced MPI Cycle Time with pre-populated tire conditions and tread depth measurements using the patented technology of TraXtion that is integrated with UpdatePromise’s workflow optimization tools.

“The opportunity to help ensure the safety of vehicle drivers and their families while streamlining Honda and Acura’s Authorized Tire Programs is an important win for the consumer, the dealership and American Honda,” said Curtis Nixon, president and CEO of UpdatePromise. “This trifecta partnership further expands the all-encompassing CEMS workflow optimization and consumer experience solution by providing American Honda dealers and consumers a single point of entry for all their fixed operations CEMS needs.”

Added UpdatePromise Vice President of Corporate Accounts Aaron Reitman, “TR Wholesale Solutions is excited to partner with TraXtion and UpdatePromise for what is easily one of the most important upgrades to be added in the 20-year history of the Honda and Acura Authorized Tire Programs, putting customer safety at the forefront of the service experience.”

Participating dealerships will have the added benefit of being able to take advantage of the all-inclusive CEMS solution provided by UpdatePromise, bringing appointment scheduling, vehicle check-in, video and photo MPI, automated AI status updates, integrated service price guides, consumer financing, mobile payment solutions, post-repair follow-ups, free trade appraisals, mass recall campaign and reputation management into a single seamless solution that reduces costs while optimizing fixed operations workflows.

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