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2021 BSB Year in Review: Top Branded Content Articles (VIDEO)

Jason Stahl and Nadine Battah count down the top branded content stories of 2021.

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Autoshop Solutions, a digital marketing company for the automotive industry, explained to body shops what they needed to know about search engine optimization and getting the most traffic and people to their websites by making sure their sites are at the top in search results.

Number 9 is How Does Franchising Help Independent Shop Owners?

In this article, Fix Auto USA explained how market conditions have changed the dynamics of the collision business, one reason independent shop owners are choosing franchising as a solution.

Number 8 is Preaching to the Non-Converted: Shops Speak Out on Proper Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibrations


In this article, AirPro Diagnostics explained that performing proper scanning, diagnostics and calibrations can inform shops of everything from a part that’s been put on the wrong way (or not at all) to calibration requirements that may present themselves despite the absence of codes.

Number 7 is The Solution to Battling Your Shop’s Poor Air Supply

Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions explained the effects of humidity, oil and contaminants in a shop’s compressed air system have on the quality of their paint job – and that over half of all paint finish issues can be attributed to the quality of a shop’s compressed air.


Number 6 is Portable, Inflatable Shelters Let You Work Smarter in a Mobile Environment

Fast Shelter explained that portable paint booths allow paint techs to do small repairs on site, which saves a tremendous amount of time and money for the dealer by keeping the vehicle on site and not sent to a body shop.

Number 5 is Your Shop’s Least Invasive Repair Method: What is Glue Pull Repair?

This article by KECO Glue Pull Repair talked about glue pulling as the least invasive collision repair technique, where specially designed tabs are glued to the exterior panels of a vehicle and then dents are pulled out with varying tools.


Number 4 is Traits of a Process Orientated Body Shop

ABRA Auto Body Repair Experts of America discussed how they have built a reputation for being a process-orientated group of collision repair facilities, repairing vehicles right the first time, on time, with exceptional customers service.

Number 3 is Adhesives for Toyota Collision Repair

Toyota talked about how the use of adhesive materials in collision repair is expanding because vehicles have changed how they are manufactured at the factory and how they are repaired in collision repair facilities.


Number 2 is Driving Excellence Through Industry Certification

Steve Leal, president and CEO of Fix Network World talked about how certification should be a lifelong objective for auto technicians and body shops, and also how the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages and the investment in both time and money will certainly pay off in the longer run.

Number 1 is Being ADAS Ready: Creating a Strategic-Based Repair System in Your Shop

AirPro Diagnostics discussed how technological advancements in automotive technology have created change that must be reckoned with and how it is changing how collision centers repair vehicles and also changing customer expectations.

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