Atlas Copco Introduces New G 2-7 Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Atlas Copco Introduces New G 2-7 Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Atlas Copco Compressors has announced the launch of the G 2-7 rotary screw air compressors with a new range of 3 to 10 horsepower.

Atlas Copco Compressors has announced the launch of the G 2-7 rotary screw air compressors with a new range of 3 to 10 horsepower.

The G 2-7 compressors come equipped with a premium efficiency motor, a new in-house designed state-of-the-art low-vibration screw element, and an Elektronikon Base controller. Together, these create a robust, supremely efficient, easy-to-use, quiet point-of-use compressor range.

The G 2-7 models are Atlas Copco’s smallest rotary screw compressors, ideal for general manufacturing, garages, workshops and operations with changing compressed air demands that are looking to expand.

Though small in size, the G 2-7 range offers significant benefits. Due to the premium motor and new proprietary element, the G 2-7 delivers Atlas Copco’s unrivaled efficiency. This not only lowers operating costs but also reduces emissions for a smaller carbon footprint.

With the addition of the Elektronikon Base controller, the G 2-7 offers easy operation and monitoring. Service indications and visual alerts help ensure that users never miss early warnings of potential problems or overlook maintenance scheduling. The G 2-7 range also includes Atlas Copco’s intuitive app, AIRKeeper, connecting the user to the G-range compressor anytime, anywhere.

The fully programmable AIRkeeper offers several features, including remote starting and stopping, adjusting the pressure band and even a leakage detection program to ensure the compressed air system works optimally.

Designed for intermittent or constant use, the rotary screw technology does not require the frequent cool-down periods of a piston compressor. For optimal operation in low-load conditions, an optional oil heater ensures oil temperatures remain well above the condensation limit.

The G 2-7 touts sound levels as low as 61 decibels providing the ability to install the unit close to the point of use without requiring sound attenuation or a separate compressor room.

New technology also protects from oil contamination with an oil carry-over of less than 5 ppm. This results in extremely low compressed air losses during the load/unload cycle due to the minimized oil vessel size and safeguards downstream tools and final products alike from oil contamination.

“This really is the perfect package when it comes to rotary screw air compressors between 3-10 horsepower,” said Trey Ragsdale, vice president of industrial air for Atlas Copco Compressors LLC. “The new element-design opens up screw technology to many more users and applications, plus the connectivity that comes with this compressor puts the user in complete control.”

Customers can choose between floor-mounted and tank-mounted models. In addition, full-feature versions are available with a completely integrated dryer to generate the dry, quality air that protects downstream equipment and final products.

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