Garmat Introduces GarmatConnect Booth Management System

Garmat Introduces GarmatConnect Booth Management System

GarmatConnect makes it easy to manage energy consumption and booth utilization, controlling shop costs and increasing productivity.

Garmat USA has introduced GarmatConnect connected control system for spraybooths, a data-driven system for measuring performance and accurately costing job, helping manage energy and booth utilization — two critical factors in managing shop costs and productivity.

Knowledge is power — especially when it comes to controlling operating costs and improving productivity. One area where this is critical is in the paint booth, but performance data is often limited and only accessible directly from the unit. GarmatConnect puts the power in the hands of painters, owners and managers with a new connected control system. From the performance of individual painters to the efficiency of a paint booth to the operational effectiveness of the paint department across multiple repair centers, GarmatConnect is a powerful new tool.

GarmatConnect features a monitor that displays an easy-to-understand dashboard, where an owner can effectively view all connected booths in their shop, or across multiple shops, and drill into any one booth for very detailed information. With a direct connection into the paint booth with programmable logic controls, one can troubleshoot or update software on Garmat units, both new and existing. This will allow Garmat to assist distributors and customers with access to information without having a tech on site, and to also update firmware or software on the units remotely.

Not only can GarmatConnect help owners capture data critical to smart management decisions, it can also quantify items like gas usage, an expensive item for most shops that often times can be reimbursed as part of the repair order.

“Only six percent of repair centers quantify their gas usage, and they get paid for it,” said Johan Huwaert, CEO of Garmat USA. “If you can’t quantify the cost, that is a missed opportunity. And that is just one of the many benefits of the new Garmat connected control system.”

The phase one launch of GarmatConnect showcases a robust portfolio of monitoring capabilities including:

  • Booth cycle temperature and duration. This allows the manager to see how each painter at each shop is running the booth and measure consistency across their fleet for best practices in utilization, saving both time and money.   
  • Booth status. Managers can view each of their booths live to see if it is running and which part of the cycle it is in to better manage production flow and capacity.      
  • Alerts – active and historical counts. This will allow users to see if the booth is in an active fault state and what that fault is. It will also allow the users to see historical alerts and determine if something deserves maintenance, a service call or additional attention. This helps reduce downtime and workflow interruptions.      
  • Filter life notification. Schedule filter replacement before they reach the end of their usability and receive alerts for past due replacement, reducing workflow
  • Operational statistics/performance, including energy usage (BTU and KWH) for gas and electricity, historical cycle data and averages enabling better cost control and savings.

Phase two of GarmatConnect will deliver predictive monitoring, interpreting the data being collected and alerting the user for recommended maintenance, service or attention needed. Phase three is prescriptive, which will allow customers to move beyond booth monitoring and consolidate data across their organization to provide useful operational efficiency data to help drive process change and improve operations.

For more information, call (800) 442-7628 or visit

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