GFS Unveils Booth Connect Remote Monitoring System

GFS Unveils Booth Connect Remote Monitoring System

Booth Connect provides remote access and monitoring for paint booths from the convenience of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) has introduced Booth Connect, patent-pending technology that provides remote access and monitoring for paint booths from the convenience of a computer, tablet or smartphone — enabling auto body shops to attain real-time visibility into their filter loading, production levels and paint booth usage data.

With Booth Connect, painters, paint shop managers, owners and corporate decision makers can view reports and track booth performance, from anywhere and at any time. On-demand insight into booth cycles, filter loading and power usage trends allows shops to build a portfolio-level dashboard and KPIs, while offering the knowledge they need to keep their business — and equipment — running at peak performance. 

Designed to integrate seamlessly with paint booths produced by GFS or any other major paint booth manufacturer, Booth Connect features online dashboards that consolidate information from individual paint booths all the way up to a company’s entire booth portfolio, with all booth data stored securely in the cloud. Booth Connect’s operational insights help drive production efficiency by providing real-time information on cycle counts, energy usage and other helpful measurements to empower management teams to track, monitor and ultimately improve shop efficiency and output.

By consistently monitoring filter loading, shops can easily pinpoint the right time to change their paint booths’ filters — eliminating unnecessary downtime and potential damage to a booth’s ductwork or fans caused by delayed maintenance. Booth Connect also automatically logs filter changes, so shops no longer need to manually log and store filter test sheets to stay in compliance with the EPA’s 6H rule. In addition, Booth Connect can send notifications if a paint booth enters an alarmed state or loses connectivity, potentially protecting a business’ assets.

Visit GFS booth no. 31067 at the SEMA Show Oct. 3-Nov. 3 in Las Vegas to see Booth Connect in person. Stop by for a live demo of Booth Connect and explore its numerous features, while seeing the unit in action. GFS sales representatives will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about Booth Connect and discuss how Booth Connect can help shops better monitor booth pressure, filter loading and burner information.

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