Induction Innovations Launches Inductor Lite

Induction Innovations Launches Inductor Lite

The Inductor Lite is a compact and powerful 2,400-watt induction heater with a digital interface for manual heat control.


Induction Innovations, Inc. has announced that the Inductor Lite is now shipping. The Inductor Lite, which is only available through authorized master equipment distributors (MEDs), is a compact, 2,400-watt addition to the Inductor Series with a digital interface for manual heat control. Using high frequency magnetic fields, it utilizes Invisible Heat to easily remove parts bonded to metal, including adhesives, logos, side moldings, direct glazed windows, stone guard protection, sealers, mechanical parts and dents. In seconds, users are able to release seized hardware from corrosion or threadlock compounds and other adhesives without the collateral damage and safety risks of an open flame.

Benefits of use include:

  • Reduce labor by as much as 75 percent
  • Save, reuse and salvage parts usually discarded
  • Save on the need for toxic solvents
  • Reduce the need for expensive consumables
  • Invisible Heat is safer than a torch
  • 85V to 265V power supply offers flexible voltage
  • Auto and manual heating modes

“Some mechanics, body shops and other users have been asking us for a better way to control the induction heating temperature of our Inductor Series,” said Tom Gough, president of Induction Innovations. “The Inductor Lite gives users more control with both auto and manual modes. Auto is recommended at first as it keeps the Inductor Lite in a safe range, but if that’s not enough power or is too much, you can increase or decrease the unit’s percentage of power as needed.”

Features and attachments include:

  • Auto Mode: Inductor Lite only starts if the metal is ferrous (not suitable for aluminum or copper) and then automatically adjusts heating to avoid damaging auto parts due to overheating
  • Manual Mode: Auto Mode can be bypassed when a higher or lower percentage of power is needed (from 0 to 100 percent with foot pedal control)
  • Cart & Cable Support: the Inductor Lite comes with a metal trolley with a cable hanger on the site to manage all cords and accessories
  • Body Inductor attachment: quickly and easily removes all adhesives and strips as well as side moldings in a few minutes without any damage
  • Glass Inductor attachment: peels off welded metal sheets and burns off stone guard protection with the heated scraper; it’s also suitable to remove glass (windshield, rear window, rear quarter light, sunroof, etc.)
  • Bolt Inductor attachment: warms and releases all types of mechanical parts in a few seconds such as bolts, screws, shock absorbers, track rod ends, etc.
  • Plastic Wedge attachment: as a supplement to the other Inductor Lite accessories, the scrapers are essential to remove logos/badges and stone chip protection, etc.
  • Two-year limited warranty: includes parts and labor

Note: Inductor Lite attachments are not compatible with any other Inductor Series model.

The Inductor Lite uses include removing/releasing the following:

  • ABS sensors
  • Brake bleeder nuts
  • Corroded exhaust
  • Fuel tank straps
  • Heat treating
  • Heavy undercoatings applied over hardware
  • Inline connectors
  • Metal fabrication
  • Manifold bolts
  • O2 sensors
  • Seat belt bolts
  • Soft hail dents
  • Steering/suspension components
  • Tie rod sleeves/ends
  • Truck bed bolts
  • U-bolts
  • Zirk fittings

For pricing and more information on the Inductor Lite, call (877) 688-9633, email [email protected] or visit

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