Reduce Cycle Time with Urethane Supply's Welder

Reduce Cycle Time with Urethane Supply’s 6066-CG Nitrocell Nitrogen Plastic Welder

The 6066-CG is designed to generate its own nitrogen gas from shop air and creates the strongest plastic welds possible in today’s repair environment.

urethane-supply-6066Urethane Supply Company revealed its new 6066-CG Nitrocell Nitrogen Plastic Welder, the most advanced generation of nitrogen welder yet.

The 6066-CG is designed to generate its own nitrogen gas from shop air and requires no onboard air compressor. It’s lighter in weight, easier for technicians to maneuver into position and features an easy-to-handle welding torch that can get into tight spots without causing user fatigue.

Nitrogen gas welding creates a strong material bond because it eliminates oxidation of the plastic during the welding process. Using the shop’s own common air supply, the 6066-CG Nitrocell employs a three-stage filter to clean impurities from the air, and then uses sophisticated membrane technology to extract an endless supply of nitrogen. The resulting welding mechanism creates the strongest plastic welds possible in today’s repair environment.

The 6066-CG’s intuitive yet precise analog instrumentation features a control regulator combined with an output pressure gauge and a flow gauge to give the operator total control over the amount of gas used in the welding process. A low-pressure safety switch automatically cuts power to the heating element, protecting it from overheating if the flow drops too low.

The 6066-CG is also engineered with an integrated airless welder for smoothing out welds and repairing thermoset polyurethane. The system comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box. The unit comes with a variety of accessories and the industry’s widest selection of plastic welding rods.

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