Drastically Reduce Waste Disposal Costs with the Sidewinder Model M-2

Drastically Reduce Waste Disposal Costs with the Sidewinder Model M-2

The Sidewinder Model M-2, a refrigeration machine distiller-reclaimer that processes five gallons or less per batch, can turn your waste into assets.

Combat the rising costs of gunwash, thinners, acetone and more while drastically reducing waste disposal costs with the Sidewinder Model M-2, a refrigeration machine distiller-reclaimer that processes five gallons or less per batch.

A standard five-gallon metal bucket of waste is placed in the chamber. Waste solvents are vaporized and re-condensed, making the solvent reusable. The vapors expand in the chamber, displacing air. The vapors, being heavier than air, then fall through a refrigerated heat exchanger, condense and gravity flow out into the clean solvent receiving vessel. The waste stays behind in the cooking bucket within the chamber.

The market we satisfy is the five- to 70-gallon-per-week solvent (thinners, etc.) user that must meet EPA requirements for waste minimization. General user classifications are:

  • Automotive paint and finish users
  • Commercial paint and finish contractors
  • Industrial and government paint, finish and coating users
  • Fiberglass, plastics and composites users
  • Metal finishing and resin tire fill users
  • 3D printers using isopropyl alcohol, acetone, ketones, etc.

The Sidewinder Model M-2 has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in a normal, non-hazardous location. Here are some of the solvents for recycling, but you may know them under a different name:

  • acetone
  • butanol
  • diacetone alcohol
  • diethyl ketone
  • ethanol
  • ethyl acetate
  • isoamyl alcohol
  • isobutyl acetate
  • isopropyl acetate
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • lacquer thinner
  • methanol
  • methyl cellosolve
  • methyl ethyl ketone
  • methyl isobutyl ketone
  • methyl n-amyl ketone
  • 2-methyl-2-propanol
  • n-butyl acetate
  • n-propyl acetate
  • naphtha (light aliphatic)
  • naphtha (petroleum spirits)
  • paint thinner
  • propanol
  • stoddard

Call (702) 362-9432 to see if the Sidewinder is the right distiller reclaimer for your solvents. Be prepared to email your MSD sheet. Use the cost savings calculator at www.solvent-recycler.com to approximate the payback time of the Sidewinder M-2 in weeks. Turn your waste into assets!

Persyst Enterprises Inc. – Sidewinder
Phone: 800-339-6834Phone: 702-362-9432Fax: 702-362-9440Contact: Mike Lawson

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