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3M Launches Virtual Classroom Provides Guide to Range of Body Repair Projects


From metal and plastic repair to
sanding and paint finishing to car detailing and safety improvements, 3M
now offers a free Virtual Classroom to help teach basic and advanced
skills, demonstrate proper techniques and showcase innovative product

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Designed for car enthusiasts, technical students and automotive
professionals, the new 3M Standard Operating Procedures modules provide
step-by-step guidance through a range of projects to help ensure repairs
are done professionally and efficiently. There are four levels of
training available through the program, beginning with free Level I
introductory clips on YouTube and the free Level II Virtual Classroom from 3M’s website. Level III and
Level IV training programs will be launched later in 2010 for advanced
"There have been many changes in body repair, from new repair solutions
to advanced car materials and technology, that we want to share the
learning gained from developing these products and procedures with
everyone who tackles car repairs," said Brett Caslow, global marketing
manager for 3M. "This virtual classroom was created to help people
produce consistent, high-quality results on every project."


The Virtual Classroom for the 3M Standard Operating Procedures address
three key areas of collision repair — body, paint and detailing. Within
each department are numerous project modules that include an
instructional video, a downloadable project and product list, and brief

The first 15 modules launched include:
Body Department
• Body Repair
• Express Damage Body Repair
• Large Damage Body Repair
• Small Damage Body Repair
• Bumper Repair
• Bumper Structural-Tab Repair
• Cosmetic One-Sided Bumper Repair
• Flexible Patch Non-Structural Bumper Repair
• Traditional Non-Structural Bumper Repair
• Sealing and Coating
• Corrosion and Coatings


Paint Department
• Masking
• Masking Best Practices
• Sanding
• Blend Panel Sanding
• Dry Primer Sanding
Detailing Department
• Headlight Lens Restoration
• Paint Finish Spot Panel
• Paint Finish Full Panel
• Vehicle Clean Up – Detailing
An additional seven modules will be offered in the fourth quarter along
with the Spanish language version of the first 15 modules introduced.

Participation requires only registration online.

Each module is a complete unit, with video session, downloadable project
tips and knowledge retention quiz. Modules can be completed one-by-one
or as a complete day of training.  The Certificate of Completion for
each module can be printed by the participants based on successful
completion of the quiz.


More information:

Contact 1-877-MMM-CARS or your local 3M Distributor or 3M Sale
Representative for more information or visit the 3M training website.

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