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Airbag Solutions, I-CAR Collaborate for Restraints Systems Training


I-CAR and Airbag Solutions have collaborated to bring the collision industry what they say is the most informative training to date for servicing restraint systems.

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The I-CAR course, Restraint Systems Damage Analysis (DAM11), brings an overview of the most up-to-date information to technicians and insurance appraisers on servicing the complex and ever-changing safety systems in our vehicles.

Jason Bartanen, I-CAR technical director, said, “The integrity of a repair can be impacted greatly by the amount of training and knowledge a technician has. Understanding how to work with restraint systems is critical to ensuring the driver’s safety in the event of a collision. I-CAR is excited to introduce this course to the inter-industry and to continue to offer training that can help achieve complete and safe repairs.”


“We at Airbag Solutions are thrilled to be a part of the I-CAR initiative to bring updated restraints information to the industry,” said Douglas Gan, president and COO. “Restraints systems have changed dramatically over the past five years, but we have been expecting our technicians and appraisers to use outdated tools and old information to estimate and service vehicles with a deployment. This training goes a long way to help shops and appraisers, giving them an accurate set of guidelines so they can get the job done right the first time.”

Restraint Systems Damage Analysis (DAM11) is being launched nationwide on Nov. 2 and provides a complete overview of restraints systems for accurate damage analysis.

More information:

To learn more about this course, visit the I-CAR website and click on “Course Catalog” under the “I-CAR Training” dropdown box.

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