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Allstate’s McKinsey Documents Now Available

But Allstate’s suspension of writing new policies in Florida will resume


Allstate has posted on its Web site the approximately 150,000 pages of the so-called McKinsey documents, which are purported to detail the insurer’s claims-handling procedures. Meanwhile, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty has announced that he will resume the suspension of the certificates of authority of the Allstate Companies to write new insurance in Florida until they fully comply with the subpoenas served Oct. 16, 2007, by the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR).

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The commissioner’s announcement follows the First District Court of Appeal’s ruling to allow the suspension of Allstate’s certificates of authority Jan. 16 to resume. The OIR is seeking clarification from the court on exactly when the suspension resumes.

The saga between the OIR and Allstate began in October when McCarty served Allstate subpoenas requesting certain documents pertaining to the insurer’s requests for a rate increase. When Allstate did not produce the requested documents by Jan. 15, McCarty suspended Allstate’s ability to write new policies in the state.

Allstate appealed the suspension, asserting the commissioner exceeded his authority. The court ruled that McCarty did not exceed his authority to suspend Allstate’s licenses. Allstate is only suspended from writing new business in Florida.


Attorney David Berardinelli and other lawyers say the materials McCarty requested, developed by consultant McKinsey & Co., detail Allstate’s instructions to settle claims quickly with low-ball offers. If Allstate is unsuccessful in setting a claim, Berardinelli says the company will dispute the claim with steadfast resolve, which can drag the claim process on for years.

To view the Allstate McKinsey documents, click HERE.

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