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Assured Performance Launches Certified Network Management System

The web-based turnkey platform offers end-to-end network management features such as KPI performance reporting, on-demand and consumer awareness marketing, rebate and incentive administration, and more.


Assured Performance

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Assured Performance, the country’s largest certified collision repair network, officially released its Certified Network Management System to all interested OEM and collision industry stakeholders.

The web-based turnkey platform offers end-to-end network management features never before available in one system, according to Assured Performance.

The platform includes features such as:

  • 24/7/365 review and audit of all network members’ proof of compliance
  • On-demand and consumer awareness marketing
  • Direct communications ability to shops and consumers
  • Optics for demographic and geographic coverage and performance metrics
  • Rebate and incentive administration
  • Push-KPI performance reporting

The platform is available to OEMs, insurers, fleet management entities, MSOs/consolidators and others seeking a solution to create and manage their own network of certified collision repair providers, Assured Performance noted. The system is based on Assured Performance’s multi-OEM network of nearly 3,000 certified repair providers representing over $12 billion in annual sales.


The system allows users with different needs to identify, select, monitor, measure, communicate with and manage a targeted, large-scale national (North America) network of certified collision repair providers, according to Assured Performance.

Over the last decade, Assured Performance has developed network management tools to meet the expanding needs of the multiple OEM certification programs it administers. Nearly all the features are offered exclusively, Assured Performance noted.

“The massive investment to develop these tools was necessary to properly and efficiently manage our repairer network of thousands with the utmost of integrity,” explained Paul Massie, vice president of network management and integration for Assured Performance. “Now, other like-minded and aligned OEMs and industry stakeholders can leverage these tools to gain the efficiency and economies of scale we alone can offer with this system.”

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