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CAPA Releases New Guide to CAPA Certified Aftermarket Parts for Claims Personnel, Insurance Adjusters


CAPA announced the development of a new resource for claims personnel and adjusters – The CAPA Guide to Certified Aftermarket Parts for Claims Personnel and Insurance Adjusters.
Today, CAPA says, many insurance companies protect their policyholders from poor quality aftermarket alternatives as well as the high cost of OEM parts by choosing to use CAPA Certified parts. CAPA says it developed this new guide to provide claims personnel and insurance adjusters with a better understanding of the benefits of using CAPA Certified parts. The CAPA Guide gives an overview of the CAPA program in a question and answer format.  

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“The questions we asked are challenging, hard-hitting and based directly on the many questions about CAPA that we have actually received from claims personnel and insurance adjusters,” said Jack Gillis, executive director of the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA). “Not only
will this provide claims professionals with an overview to the increasingly complex aftermarket parts world, but will no doubt be a value to shops.”   
CAPA has provided copies of the Guide to over 5,000 insurance claims personnel, adjusters and claims executives as well as an option to obtain more copies for their field staff at no charge.   


“This is a valuable resource, not just for claims personnel but for shops as well, it will help put consumers at ease when CAPA parts show up on an estimate or a repair order," said Bob Anderson, chairman of CAPA’s Board and owner of Anderson’s Automotive Services in Sheffield Lake, Ohio. “I wish I had a resource like this when I began to deal with claims personnel about CAPA parts. It addresses many of the questions claims people ask me given my work with CAPA."

More information:

Individual and multiple quantities of the new guide are available at no charge by contacting the CAPA office. The Guide can also be downloaded by visiting the CAPA website.

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