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NAPA Paint & Supply-Martin Senour Announced as SCRS Corporate Member

NAPA Paint & Supply-Martin Senour, since 1925 a distributor of parts, refinishing products, tools and equipment to the automotive service industries, is the most recent corporate member announced by the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS).

Though most closely identified with the automotive parts portion of their business, NAPA’s role as a supplier of Martin Senour Automotive Finishes to the collision repair industry is a venerable one, extending back eight-and-a-half decades. The NAPA brand is also associated with a network of close to 700 independent NAPA Collision Centers that must meet certain standards — such as being I-CAR trained and ASE certified — before they can display the NAPA name and logo.

"We have evolved into a one-stop shop for collision repair businesses, and this extends to those facilities not formally associated with our NAPA brand," says Director of AutoCare and Wholesale Marketing Terry Mann. "We’d like to elevate that comprehensive aspect of our profile in the marketplace, while finding additional ways to support the collision repairers we serve. Providing business tools and enhanced content through our website,, is one step in this direction. Another very important step is our corporate sponsorship of SCRS."

NAPA Paint & Supply-Martin Senour believes working more closely with SCRS will make a valuable source of information and expertise available to those in the NAPA organization responsible for supporting shop customers. In addition, the company believes its association with the society will lend an added legitimacy to the shops that carry the NAPA brand.

"SCRS has a recognized credibility because they have been working effectively on behalf of the industry for a very long time," states Vice President of Sales – Wholesale Markets U.S. Automotive Parts Group Bret Robyk. "The kind of exposure they will provide is invaluable. Our collision repair division and the thousands of shops with which we have relationships will benefit greatly from their experienced leadership and know-how."
SCRS says NAPA’s corporate sponsorship provides a unique opportunity for the association to associate with a supplier that is as multi-faceted as it is tenured.

"NAPA has been serving the collision repair industry in a number of different ways for a long time, even though their public profile is often dominated by their prominence as an aftermarket parts provider," says SCRS Chairman Barry Dorn. "We applaud their desire to provide renewed focus on the collision repair side of their business and are looking forward to supporting them in these efforts."

"NAPA’s long history with the industry and broad perspective will serve SCRS well in our mission of support to the collision repair industry," says Andy Dingman, SCRS national director and participating member of NAPA’s AutoCare Collision program. "We appreciate NAPA’s enthusiasm regarding what SCRS can accomplish on behalf of its collision repair customer base and look forward to sharing insights and solutions with them that can be of benefit to all."

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