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Perma-Tech: the Industry’s First Microprocessor Controlled Spray System

The health and vitality of any industry can usually be linked directly to continued technological advances. In 1995, when Perma-Tech founder Allen Warner began looking for a new business opportunity, the sprayed-on bedliner industry caught his attention. After researching all of the existing sprayed-on bedliner companies, he concluded: “There must be a better way to do this.”

The tendency of traditional sprayed-on bedliners to fade and chalk-out, one of the biggest consumer complaints, could be linked directly to the chemical formulas being used. Warner began developing new chemical formulas to address this particular problem. Perma-Tech was launched with an exclusive new formula that maximizes the pliability, durability and UV stability of the finished bedliner. A second major advantage of Perma-Tech’s new color-stable formula was the ability to deliver a whole array of new color choices to the consumer. The popularity of colored bedliners, either to match OE paint or to add a custom appearance with a contrasting color, has grown steadily.

Complicated and unreliable equipment also made the spraying process a somewhat risky proposition for the Dealer. Perma-Tech introduced the industry’s first microprocessor controlled spray system designed to make the spraying process practically foolproof. Maintaining the proper ratio of chemicals is absolutely critical to the quality of the finished bedliner. Many of the older spray systems lacked the ability to monitor the chemical balance, frequently causing costly mistakes. Perma-Tech’s spray system utilizes sophisticated sensors to constantly monitor the chemical ratio. Any imbalance automatically causes the system to shut down, preventing a poor job from being sprayed.

Perma-Tech’s commitment to technological leadership continues to benefit its growing nation-wide Dealership network. The Perma-Tech spray system was recently upgraded with a variety of new components and features including a new, more user-friendly spray gun, and multiple chemical tanks to make color changes even easier.

Constant chemical formula research has lead to the introduction of many industry innovations including Perma-Glo, the first glow-in-the-dark bedliner, the brightest, UV stable colors and most recently, Perma-Tallic, offering a wide range of metallic finish bedliners. Perma-Tech is also the industry’s only source for ISO 9001 certified spray equipment and chemical formulas.

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