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Purchasing Profile: Aftermarket Crash Parts

You know you have to spend money to make money – but sometimes it’s on stuff you’d rather not buy.


“I don’t like aftermarket parts,” says a respondent to BodyShop Business‘ 2001 Industry Profile – who makes a statement that many in the business can relate to. Yet he – along with 85.6 percent of our respondents – still buy and use aftermarket crash parts.

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What gives? Why use them at all?

About 50 percent of respondents who use A/M crash parts say they do so because they feel pressured by insurance companies. Only 4.9 percent who use them actually admit to liking them.

What else do respondents have to say about purchasing A/M crash parts – and about the other purchases they make? Read on …

What do you spend each month on the following items?










Masking Tape









Surface prep materials



Note: Because averages are often skewed due to larger shops and their volume, another method of measurement is the median, which is the middle figure. In this case, the median means that 50 percent of respondents spend less and 50 percent spend more.

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