RUPES Introduces New Microfiber Polishing Pads

RUPES Introduces New Microfiber Polishing Pads

The new microfiber polishing pads offer quick defect correction on high-solids or ceramic clearcoats, high efficiency on clearcoats and one-stage surfaces, greatly reduced polishing cycle times and more.

The RUPES Microfiber Polishing Pads are manufactured using a polyurethane resin directly injected into the structure between the velcro interface and the microfiber fabric. The resin crosslinks directly to both materials to provide a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives. Due to the unique molding technique, RUPES is able to offer a pad that allows easy conformability to all shapes during the polishing process. In addition to helping dissipate heat, the center hole also helps to correctly fit the microfiber polishing pad onto the backing plate. The main advantages of new RUPES microfiber polishing pads include:

  • Quick defect correction on high-solids or ceramic clearcoats
  • High efficiency on clearcoat and one-stage surfaces
  • Greatly reduced polishing cycle times
  • Less dust on the surface during polishing process
  • Comfortable and easy to use

The microfiber fabric is manufactured in two versions, the Blue Microfiber Polishing Pad Coarse for the correction step to enhance the cutting capacity of the abrasive, and the Yellow Microfiber Polishing Pad Fine for light action to promote the gloss level.

The Coarse Microfiber Pads are designed for removing heavy swirl marks, scratches and oxidation from any color paintwork. The cutting version features a less dense microfiber and is perfect for use with heavy-cutting BigFoot polishing compound. The special microfiber allows for the true correction power of the product used and for maximum product coverage to achieve the highest quality results on ceramic laquer.

The Fine Microfiber Pads are designed to restore the depth and clarity to your vehicle’s paintwork. The high-density microfiber is perfect for removing light swirl marks and holograms using fine BigFoot polishing compound. The Fine Microfiber Pads eliminate light imperfections, delivering a perfect optical grade finish. The innovative spiral slots represent an important technical feature with a unique design. Developed for use with BigFoot random orbital polishers, the new spiral slots guarantee heat dissipation, lighter weight for a better balance of the machine, and controlled and measured spreading of the polishing compounds on the surface.

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