Sherwin-Williams Introduces Dynamic Clearcoat CC200
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Sherwin-Williams Introduces Dynamic Clearcoat CC200

Dynamic Clearcoat (CC200) creates an entirely new category amongst premium clearcoats by offering superior appearance in half the time of a typical glamour clearcoat.



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Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has introduced Dynamic Clearcoat (CC200), which creates an entirely new category amongst premium clearcoats by offering superior appearance in half the time of a typical glamour clearcoat.

What is this new category of clearcoats? The speed glamour finish. New Dynamic Clearcoat offers the ultimate in gloss for high-end refinishing while maintaining shop productivity. With its excellent application properties, this versatile clearcoat is the perfect fit for the majority of collision repair work, providing simplified decision-making and consistent performance for any painter and technician. Producing the ultimate speed glamour finish, Dynamic Clearcoat will also reduce final detail, saving both a shop’s overhead and its technicians’ time by not requiring buffing.


Save time and money with Dynamic Clearcoat. Featuring wider use-ability range including extreme environments, this product is designed for force-dry/booth applications and recommended for use on single- to multi-panel repairs. Its short bake cycle of five minutes at 140°F or low temperature bake cycle of 20 minutes at 120°F helps eliminate bottlenecks and helps shops turn out more cars each day. Additionally, a quick one-hour air-dry option is available, unique to glamour clearcoat finishing.

“I’ve seen the new Dynamic Clearcoat in action, and my painters agree,” says Tom Griffin, president of Mayfield Collision Centers near Cleveland, Ohio. “It has so many positives going for it – great quality and speed – it’s an absolute game-changer because it’s so different and better than any other clearcoat in the market.”


Added Billy Coleman, body shop manager for Gullo Ford in Conroe, Texas, “We tested the new Dynamic Clearcoat from Sherwin-Williams and my people loved it. It has a nice combination of the great clears the company offers now; this Dynamic Clearcoat provides the speed that we need, and final finish our customers always expect. Plus, it cuts my bake time in half.”

“CC200 delivers consistent premium appearance without sacrificing productivity; it’s designed for any painter, application and repair environment,” said Damir Banusic, global product manager for Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. “With a fast application time and quick, low-temp bake cycle, Dynamic Clearcoat will help improve any shop’s productivity and profit.”


Dynamic Clearcoat CC200 delivers:

  • Increased shop productivity and profitability
  • Consistent premium appearance without sacrificing productivity
  • Short bake cycle of five minutes at 140°F for increased throughput
  • Energy savings from low-bake temperature option
  • Versatile product for use on majority of repairs
  • Simplified decision-making and excellent sprayability

For more information about Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, visit or call (800) 798-5872.

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