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Home Uncategorized NuGen IT Offers New Generation E-Commerce for Auto Claims Processing

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NuGen IT, an information management authority to the insurance and collision repair industries, has launched a new business-to-business e-commerce platform for auto claims. The company’s Non-Network Portal (NNP) will allow insurance companies and other authorized businesses to communicate electronically with all collision repair facilities, even those outside of their approved direct-repair networks.

Insurers, independent adjusters and third-party administrators’ have relied on fax, e-mail and telephone to share claims and repair information with repair shops that aren’t part of an approved network. With NuGen IT’s application, companies can now communicate electronically in the same manner as those that are part of a DRP network. The Web-based system requires no software.

For more information, call (702) 256-9736 or visit

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Body Shop Business Staff Writers

Body Shop Business Staff Writers