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ABPA Denounces Recent Auto Body Repair Legislation in Maryland

Association says Maryland House Bill 1258, which would require repairers to use only OE parts for repairs made during the first two years after a vehicle’s date of manufacture, will limit consumer choice.



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The Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA) has publicly denounced and expressed concern over auto body repair legislation recently introduced in Maryland that it says, if passed, will limit consumer choice when having vehicles repaired.

Maryland House Bill 1258 would require auto body repairers to use only car company-branded parts for repairs made during the first two years after a vehicle’s date of manufacture, and would also require insurance companies that pay for repairs to approve only original manufacturer parts during that time period. For vehicles older than two years, the bill would limit the repair choice to either “certified” parts or original manufacturer parts.

“Senate Bill 1258 is only good for the car companies, giving them a virtual monopoly on parts for the first two years of the vehicle’s life,” said ABPA Executive Director Edward Salamy. “We also have concern about the limits this bill places on a consumer’s desire to use alternative parts and how this would affect them financially.”

Based on the language of the bill currently under consideration, ABPA states that H.B. 258 could also potentially exclude NSF certified parts. ABPA believes this would further limit choice in the marketplace by eliminating a large portion of the certified parts inventory.


Jim Smith, president of the ABPA, added, “This bill is being sponsored by industry special interest groups that are pushing their own agenda and are not concerned about the general welfare of consumers. If this anti-competitive legislation is passed, insurance premiums will be in jeopardy of being raised and more vehicles will be totaled by insurance adjusters because the cost of repairs would become too expensive.”



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