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adasTHINK Releases White Paper on ADAS

adasThink, a SaaS startup that allows body shops to automatically identify ADAS calibrations, announced it has released a white paper on ADAS in the collision industry.

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The white paper builds on adasThink’s previous study by incorporating new data from their beta usage and synthesizes the research and science behind ADAS systems and what it means for a sensor to be aligned from a collision repair perspective.

The white paper is separated into four parts:

  1. How ADAS sensors often need to be calibrated after a collision
  2. The science behind a 1-degree of misalignment and how it can cause the failure of long-range radar sensors
  3. Trends in ADAS in vehicles being produced and sold
  4. adasThink’s solution

To access the white paper, click here. For more information on adasThink, click here.

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