DataTouch Launches VINAnonymize

DataTouch Launches VINAnonymize

Technology developed to protect personally identifiable information (PII).

DataTouch LLC has announced the launch of VINAnonymize, a new technology that prevents collision repair estimate information from being used by vehicle identification number (VIN) reporting services such as CARFAX and AutoCheck.

DataTouch provides intelligent data management services to collision repairers. The company designed the technology to allow a shop user to anonymize a VIN and help protect customers’ personally identifiable information (PII).

“Many times, after creating an estimate, a customer’s vehicle repair information shows up on a vehicle history reporting site, like CARFAX, and the customer blames the body shop or dealer,” said Pete Tagliapietra, managing director of DataTouch. “The owner of the data should have the choice whether or not to opt-out just like we have the choice to opt-out when we buy a car.”

Using VINAnonymize, Tagliapietra said that collision centers will be able to select which customer estimates they do not want to be shared, providing complete control of the process.

Once an estimator captures the VIN, it is entered into the DataTouch Anonymizer. The estimator can then export the data with the anonymized VIN to the estimating system provider.

Tagliapietra said the anonymized VIN(s) entered will still successfully decode with all three estimating systems. Furthermore, VINAnonymize does not affect the ability to search and/or order new OEM, aftermarket or recycled parts.

DataTouch, a software as a service (SaaS) provider to the collision repair industry, was established in 2022 to help collision repair shops securely manage and control customers’ PII and protect estimate repair information from being misappropriated (sold) by third-party companies in the collision repair industry. In addition to VINAnonymize, DataTouch offers Data Analyzer and Data Auditor.

Data Analyzer helps collision repairers identify who has data pumps running on their facility’s computers. Data Auditor helps identify what information and how often it is being swept from shop computer systems.

“DataTouch supports standardization and CIECA Standards; however, we want to ensure transactions are secure and third-parties don’t proliferate PII,” Tagliapietra said. “VIN Anonymizer is the first step that puts a security blanket around EMS and BMS.”

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