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ESAB Introduces ICE Submerged Arc Welding Technology


ESAB Welding and Cutting Products introduces ICE technology. ICE is a submerged arc welding technology that enhances productivity by using an Integrated Cold Electrode, according to ESAB.

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ICE’s Integrated Cold Electrode yields higher deposition rates without increasing heat input. Instead of adding more energy, ICE utilizes the excess heat already available to melt an additional non-powered welding electrode. This results in up to 50 percent higher deposition rates and up to 100 percent more productivity in root welds, according to ESAB. ICE works with tandem welding application in root passes for superior penetration and high productivity, the company says.

Submerged arc welding is already the most productive welding process.  However, productivity during sub arc welding can be inhibited by the need to limit heat input. With ICE, there is no additional heat input – the process uses the heat already generated. This boosts productivity by up to 50 percent, depending on the application, according to ESAB.


The increased deposition rate means higher welding speeds for greater productivity in a range of different applications. This productivity gain allows many applications to be completed with fewer runs. At a 50 percent higher deposition rate, this can reduce flux consumption by as much as 20 percent.

The increased deposition rate can also be used to increase welding speed. This increase in speed can significantly improve productivity in applications where welding speed is the key to maximizing productivity, the company says.

ICE technology enables the use of tandem welding in root passes, which results in improved penetration and high productivity, according to ESAB. The need for back gouging is eliminated.  This increases productivity up to 100 percent in root welding, depending on the application.


There are plenty of other savings too. Welding is highly energy-intensive. Any reduction in energy consumption offers significant environmental and financial benefits. The ability to achieve a dramatic increase in deposition rate with no additional energy input ensures an inevitable and substantial reduction in energy consumption.

Another productivity booster is the Flat Cap Control feature. Fine adjustment to the ratio of cold wire used for cap runs makes it possible to produce a flatter cap to the weld. The result: improved fatigue resistance and a reduction in the amount of post-weld treatment required, ESAB says.

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