Car-O-Liner CTR12000 Resistance Welder

Fully Automatic Spot Welder

Car-O-Liner’s CTR12000 resistance welder is a fully automatic spot welder for today's advanced metals.

OutlinedCTR12000-New-BalancerCar-O-Liner’s CTR12000 resistance welder is a fully automatic spot welder for today’s advanced metals. As new metals are introduced, a spot welder must be able to adapt to the changing needs of our evolving industry.  The CTR12000 does just that through utilization of the most advanced spot welding technology available in the world, automatically. The CTR12000 automatically determines total metal material thickness as well as metal type. Then, based on information gathered, the CTR12000 will automatically set the amperage, slope settings and time as well as tip pressure. While the unit is in the process of welding, the CTR12000 continuously makes adjustments in order to maintain weld quality without overheating the material. Just pull the trigger and weld. Comparable welders may set power and time, however many use a static tip pressure and others do not check weld parameters while welding to make subtle adjustments.

Car-O-Liner Company
Contact: Jeff Kern

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