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Here Today … Then Steered Away

Lost work due to insurer steering.


We have example after example of this practice in our area,” says one respondent to BodyShop Business’ annual Industry Profile, regarding insurer steering. “I could write you a book on what’s actually going on in the field.”

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He’s not alone. A whopping 82.5 percent of respondents say they’ve lost work due to insurer steering, and most of them say they know why. Reasons cited include:

  • “Insurers have a list. If you’re not on it, you don’t get the job.”
  • “I know for a fact I lose business because of steering. Customers have called me because their insurance company has told them to go elsewhere.”
  • “Insurers make it sound like they won’t back the repair if you don’t take the vehicle to one of their shops or your facility isn’t good enough to be affiliated.”
  • “If you’re not a DRP for a particular insurer, that insurer will push for its own DRP shop. Most customers don’t want the hassle, so they’ll do what their insurer says.”
  • “Steering is rampant in this area. Three DRP shops get all the work.”
  • “Insurers are doing whatever they have to to get customers into their DRPs shops – even if they have to lie and slander.”
  • “My collision work has dropped nearly 50 percent due to DRPs.”
  • “Customers don’t know they have a choice.”
  • “If you’re not on DRPs today, you’re in trouble.”

But no respondent was more certain about insurer steering than this guy: “I’ve had insurers tell customers they’d have to go to their PRO shop – while the customer was in my office and on my phone!”


Writer Georgina K. Carson is editor of BodyShop Business.

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