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Ask the Expert: Just Ask Me a Question

“Ask the Expert” has become a popular online feature for BodyShop Business, and now you can find it in the print magazine.


Barrett has authored numerous industry trade journal/magazine articles, including several cover stories for BodyShop Business. Having grown up in a family-owned collision repair business and owner/operator of two successful collision repair facilities, his ongoing efforts as industry speaker and repairer coach-consultant are geared toward educating professionals and consumers to achieve equally successful resolutions to automotive-related property damage issues. Such issues include proper and thorough repair, reasonable repair profitability for repairers as well as equitable claim settlements for both claimants and the responsible/paying parties. ADE offers numerous professional services nationwide.

Over the years, many have benefitted from the advice of professionals associated with BodyShop Business, and now the magazine’s website has become a regular stopping place for those who seek answers and those who freely share them.

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Because the “Ask the Expert” feature of their website has become so popular, BodyShop Business has decided to dedicate space to it in the magazine to further its reach and hopefully elicit more questions from body shop owners and managers who desire answers from a recognized and respected industry expert.

I’m pleased to say that they have chosen me to be the “expert” and take on the responsibilities for answering the numerous queries that flood in daily from

I’m well known and respected for my frank, straightforward and thought-provoking answers while being considerate of the various facets and factions of the collision repair industry.


Having been raised in a family owned and operated body shop, successfully managed dealership collision centers, owned and operated several independent high-quality collision repair centers and been a senior claims adjuster for a nationally recognized insurer gives me a pretty well-rounded background – a
collective knowledge which I use in my company’s daily activities in consulting and coaching collision repairers across the country.

My company, Auto Damage Experts (ADE), provides a myriad of services such as pre-repair inspections/assessments, in-process repair monitoring, post-repair
inspections, diminished value assessments and pre-purchase inspections. ADE clients include insurers, collision repairers, legal professionals and the individual consumer, which enables ADE representatives to be recognized as truly independent and qualified to act as appraisers, umpires and expert witnesses throughout the country.


I’ve been called upon by BodyShop Business in the past to be a regular contributor, and now I’m excited to provide responses to your questions in the coming year and beyond.

If you want me to answer your question, e-mail it to [email protected] or click HERE to submit online and I will consider it for an upcoming article. Note that not all questions may be published, however I will answer each question that comes my way.

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