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Assured Performance Introduces “Certified Repair Program”

Assured Performance Network has announced the launch of its “Certified Repair Program” as the next phase of its evolving OEM certification program.


Assured Performance

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Assured Performance Network has announced the launch of its “Certified Repair Program” as the next phase of its evolving OEM certification program. The new program will provide the ability to ensure the repair quality output by their nearly 3,000 Certified Repair Providers.

The Assured Performance “Certified Repair Program” is based upon the 5Ms of quality production management popularized by Kaoru Ishikawa, who revolutionized quality manufacturing management around the world. The leading manufacturers throughout the world rely on these same principles, according to Assured Performance.

Assured Performance explained that their decade-long development of the tools built to accommodate a new environment in vehicle repair collaboration between OEMs, insurers and repairers includes ShopOps, OE-QC, dataIQ KPI scorecards and shop skills inventory. These solutions give Certified Repair Providers the ability to offer “Certified Repairs” based upon objective and validated 5Ms: Machine, Method, Materials, Man and Measurement. These are essential to deliver repair quality output in the form of a serialized and registered “Certified Repair” that documents adherence to OEM repair procedures.


A critical detail of this innovative program is that the “Certified Repair Provider” documents the repair, provides the certificate, and continues to carry all related responsibility and liability. ShopOps and APEX Network Management provide the IT infrastructure to efficiently document the repair, independently validate compliance with the 5Ms and generate a registered, serialized “Certified Repair Certificate” that is associated with the VIN and electronically stored. Now, the Certified Repair Provider has a robust process to illustrate and prove they are delivering a safe, quality-driven repair while mitigating their liability exposure.

The entire framework and infrastructure creates a new generation claims and repair business ecosystem. The introduction of a “Certified Repair” program establishes a new milestone in the collision repair and claims industry. Collision Industry Stakeholders are openly embracing the “Certified Repair” concept as a quantum leap that opens the way forward to new and better ways to do business. For insurers, Certified Repairs also helps address diminished value issues and re-insuring vehicles post repair.


ShopOps is already in use by over 2,000 Assured Performance Certified Repair Providers for various functions, and APEX is used by all auto manufacturers affiliated with the Assured Performance joint-effort OEM certification program.

“Our initial objective was to develop complete national demographic and geographic coverage for superior consumer handling strategies,” said Scott Biggs, CEO of Assured Performance. “Now, we are introducing the critical tools and processes for our network and the industry to deliver the ultimate output – a Certified Repair. All these elements combined create a new operating model ecosystem with greater efficiencies and proper/safe repairs and an environment that embraces innovation.”

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