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Diamond Standard to Expand Aluminum Replacement and Cowl Induction Style Hoods


Diamond Standard Brand Parts Group announced that it now has the only cowl induction style hoods manufactured 100 percent in a Diamond Standard facility that have achieved multiple levels of accredited aftermarket parts certifications.

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“Why does this matter? Because sustainable quality under the Diamond Standard Brand Quality System ISO9001/TS16949 processes is assurance that the product you receive is made in one of the finest facilities in the aftermarket,” said Michael O’Neal, president of Diamond Standard. “Advanced manufacturing capability in handling high strength steels and aluminum alloys is a critical piece of Diamond Standard’s leadership going forward.”

Reflexxion manufactures over 100 patented applications of steel and aluminum cowl induction style hoods for popular light duty trucks and replacement steel and aluminum hoods.

Reflexxion Brand cowl induction style hoods and Diamond Standard Brand Parts are available throughout North America from limited quality distributors, including the AQRP Program at Keystone, an LKQ Company.

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