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ESI Introduces New DT-8806H Forehead IR Thermometer

ESI’s DT-8806H Forehead IR Thermometer is an FDA-approved device that is capable of safely measuring forehead temperatures.


Electronic Specialties (ESI) has introduced the DT-8806H Forehead IR Thermometer, an FDA-approved device that is capable of safely measuring forehead temperatures. It can be used on customers, employees, patients or family members in today’s COVID-19 situations.

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The product is designed specifically for taking forehead temperatures and differs from other IR thermometers. For example, there is no laser for safety and eye protection. Further, the temp range is closely focused to the application (89.6 F to 108.5 F / 32.0 C to 42.5 C) in order to be more accurate.

Adjustment mode allows syncing with conventional thermometers, which can be crucial to getting accurate readings.

DT-8806H also features an audible alarm mode, an essential function for high-volume screening. In this mode, rapid forehead temperatures may be taken without looking at the LCD display. You only need to stop when the alarm sounds.

DT-8806H features memory of the last 32 measurements taken. There are two temperature modes, forehead and surface. In the traditional surface mode, temp range is wider (32 F to 140 F / 0 C to 60 C).

Typical measuring distance is two to fives inches from the forehead. Temperature readings are displayed with resolution of 0.1 F/C.

The unit comes with a one-year warranty. For more information, visit or call (800) 227-1603.

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