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Polyvance Announces Support of Technical Schools and SkillsUSA with Donation

Polyvance is providing a $300 factory rebate on the purchase of a new nitrogen plastic welder when the shop’s old welder is donated to a technical school.



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Freddy Smith, collision repair instructor at Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Athens, Tenn., receives a nitrogen plastic welder donation from Kurt Lammon, president of Polyvance, Terry Culpepper and Rob Dunston, manufacturing employees at Polyvance.

To celebrate the demonstration of nitrogen plastic welding in this year’s SkillsUSA Plastic Repair Segment, and to support technical schools in preparing their students for the competition, Polyvance is announcing a Tech School Rebate Program.

The purpose of this program is to get nitrogen plastic welders into the hands of tech school instructors all over North America so they can train their students in the latest technology in plastic repair. Polyvance is providing an incentive in the form of a $300 factory rebate on the purchase of a new welder when the shop’s old welder is donated to a technical school.


The process begins when a body shop donates their old nitrogen plastic welder to a local technical school of their choice, under the auspices of the Collision Repair Education Foundation. The shop would be able to take a tax deduction for the fair market value of the plastic welder.

When the body shop then purchases a new 6085-C or 6080-CG Nitro Fuzer nitrogen plastic welder from the jobber or distributor of their choice, Polyvance will provide a $300 factory rebate check to defray its cost. Polyvance will also provide free welding rod and training to the tech school instructor so they will be prepared to train their students.


Nitrogen plastic welding, a technology pioneered by Polyvance (formerly Urethane Supply Company) in 2006, has now become the industry-preferred method for the repair of non-structural plastic parts such as bumper fascia and headlight tabs. Offering speed, strength and economy, nitrogen plastic welding is now recognized by industry leaders as the most profitable way to repair non-structural plastic parts.

In business since 1981, Polyvance has focused exclusively on plastic repair and refinishing products. Their airless and hot-nitrogen welders are the industry standards for automotive plastic repair across North America. For more information, contact Kurt Lammon at (800) 633-3047.

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