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SCRS Welcomes Miracle System/Equipment Gateway As Corporate Member

Company is among the latest to support association’s mission to educate, inform and represent the collision repair professional throughout all segments of the industry.


The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announced that Miracle System/Equipment Gateway is now its newest corporate member, among the latest to join a group of companies supporting the association’s mission to educate, inform and represent the collision repair professional throughout all segments of the industry.

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Miracle System/Equipment Gateway imports innovative products for collision repair from all around the world. Their main product, the Miracle System – a panel repair system from Star Co in Japan – provides mobile carts containing all the tools a technician may need to start and complete a panel repair, from roughing out to finishing.

“Miracle System is a complete system of panel repair,” said Equipment Gateway CEO Matthew Bannister, “meaning it is not just a slide hammer or lever bar, but a complete system, from welder to hammers to bridges. The concept is not to try and get the damage out in one go, but rather to strategically hold areas of the panel under tension while you work other areas out until the damage is removed. The result is a quality repair in an efficient time.”


Bannister explained that SCRS’ priority on education and training helped cement the company’s desire to align as a corporate member. “We all used to joke that ‘it’s not rocket science,’ but collision repair kind of is. Steel is not steel anymore, and it does not behave like ‘old’ steel. In many cases, the industry is now also faced with aluminum, carbon fiber or combinations of all three. It’s very hard to influence change on your own; but by joining SCRS, we feel like we have joined like-minded people that have long been respected for their influence and desire to make change together. With education comes knowledge, and with knowledge we can influence improvements within our industry.”


Added SCRS National Director Luis Alonso (Pan American Collision, San Jose, Calif.), “Equipment Gateway not only provides collision repairers with a revolutionary opportunity to perform timely, quality repairs with their products, but the company’s goals to promote education and the fostering of knowledge very closely align with those of SCRS. We are very excited to have them on board, and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

“This is not the same industry it was 20 years ago,” said Oliver Woelfel, president of Advanced Collision Repair Solutions (ADVCRS), the distributor for Miracle System/Equipment Gateway in California. “Shops are dealing with some of the most high-tech pieces of engineering on the planet. Equipment Gateway and SCRS share a similar vision for raising the professional image of the collision repair industry. We want to help raise that image; I think the future of the industry depends on it.”

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