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21st Century Insurance Sued Again by Florida Repairer for Short-Pays

Eddie Quintela of Collision Concepts sues on behalf of customer for denial of payments for posted labor rates, processes and procedures deemed necessary to properly repair vehicle.

Eddie Quintela, owner and president of Collision Concepts of Delray Beach, Fla., has once again filed a lawsuit against 21st Century Insurance on behalf of a customer who made a claim under their policy with the carrier.

In 2012, Quintela, on behalf of his customers, filed three separate lawsuits against 21st Century, which the company agreed to pay before the trial dates. In addition to the disputed amounts, the insurer paid all of Quintela’s legal fees and costs.

According to Quintela, the new lawsuit stems from 21st Century claims representatives electing to once again deny payments for his posted labor rates, processes and procedures deemed to be reasonable and necessary to properly restore his customer’s vehicle.

“As in the past with this company, they pay us only after we file suit but before they go before a judge and/or jury," said Quintela. "Thereafter, they pay in full for every needed material, process and rates for awhile, then abruptly change back to their old ways. I’m puzzled, and I’m confident their company shareholders would be as well since the insurer has often paid 20 times the amounts in dispute, often paying upwards of $2,500 in legal fees and costs for a dispute that may be under $100.

“It would be much easier for their policyholder if they just paid what they owe without the need for litigation, but when they don’t, I’ll be helping my customer to have their day in court. As I see it, [insurers] can either pay fairly now or pay much more later. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and even makes less ‘cents.’ It’s no wonder insurance rates continue to climb, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of proper repair as the insurers would have people believe."

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