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AirPro Diagnostics Launches 24/7/365 Service

AirPro Diagnostics, LLC announced that it has launched a 24/7/365 service to the automotive aftermarket worldwide.

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“Knowing the importance of timely service to the repair community, we want to make sure whenever there is a need, we are there,” said Josh McFarlin, vice president of Strategic Business Operations for AirPro Diagnostics. “AirPro has consistently delivered industry-leading service and industry-first solutions to the repair community to increase shops’ efficiency and lower their costs while reducing cycle time with OE-level repairs.”

In 2016, AirPro launched its Evergreen Warranty to ensure shops would always have the latest hardware available at no additional cost, and that its tool would never become obsolete. In 2017, they announced their 10-Minute Response Pledge to provide service promptly when shops need it. The launch of the 24/7/365 service is the natural next step in the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and service to repair facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada.


“As an AirPro user, we are thrilled they have taken this important step to ensure we have access to their technicians’ skills and services at all nine of our locations, anytime we need it,” said Jim Huard, director of operations for FIX Auto – ACAB Automotive Group in Yorba Linda, Calif. “We work hard to meet our customers’ expectations, and often that includes putting in some extra hours to complete their repairs. Knowing that AirPro is there when we need them gives us additional peace of mind.”

AirPro is backed by a team of uniquely skilled, experienced OEM and factory-trained diagnostic technicians who are trained on collision dynamics and deliver services within the 10 Minute Response Pledge. The AirPro scan tool and system meets rigorous vehicle manufacturer requirements by having OEM-licensed software and scan tool hardware resident or “local” to the vehicle. ORION, AirPro’ s cloud-based diagnostic management system, is the hub by which all services are delivered. Further, all scans and screen sessions are recorded and stored in the cloud. This unique combination provides the automotive aftermarket with reliable, efficient and accurate scanning, diagnostic and calibration solutions to deliver vehicle repairs that meet the highest level of quality and safety standards in the industry.


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