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Improved Primer Formula

Montana BIG SKY PS3200 series boasts a new and improved formula as a high-solids, high build urethane DTM.

Montana® BIG SKY® PS3200 series boasts a new and improved formula as a high solids, high build urethane DTM.  It offers excellent adhesion and color holdout for bare metal and OEM substrates while maintaining exceptional corrosion protection.  

PS3200 series features excellent film build and surface leveling characteristics.  Used as a medium or high build primer surfacer, it offers easier sanding capabilities and superior color holdout to deliver exceptional quality finishes. 
Easy to sand with fast dry times makes this a great product choice!   Choose from either PS3201™ White, PS3203™ Gray and PS3205™ Black as stand-alone colors or blend together to achieve various shades of Gray.
Montana® BIG SKY® is a family of quality products manufactured by ChemSpec USA.  

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