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It’s Show Time!

Place Your Bets on NACE 2004.

The collision industry is heading to the city of high stakes, showgirls and big buffets when the International Autobody Congress & Exposition (NACE – sets up shop at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center Nov. 3-6.

NACE 2004 will offer the latest technologies, products, seminars – and entertainment. And the week promises to be record setting, since the entire automotive aftermarket industry will be together for the first time.

NACE 2004 coincides with three major events: the Congress of Automotive Repair and Service (CARS –, the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX – and the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA – show.

There are other firsts, too. NACE 2004 is presenting new Action Demos, two new conference tracks (Sales & Marketing, and Estimating) and “Crash Courses,” 45-minute Congress sessions in several tracks.

Also new is a move to November and the day pattern change to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The conference will begin on Wednesday and continue through Saturday. The exposition will begin on Thursday and continue through Saturday.

NACE 2004 also features the International Bodyshop Industry Symposium (IBIS), a one-day conference on Wednesday, Nov. 3, that will focus on the latest trends and developments in the global collision repair industry.

Last year’s Claims Process Pavilion will also return, with exhibitors, products and lots of product

NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series driver Kyle Petty will deliver the 2004 Keynote Address on Nov. 4. Richard Flint, of Richard Flint Seminars, will be the speaker for the event’s motivational luncheon on Nov. 5, and Jim “The Rookie” Morris – a school teacher who, late in life, pursued his dream of becoming a professional baseball player and inspired the movie, “The Rookie” – will be the keynote speaker for the general session on Nov. 6.

As if all that isn’t enough, it’s Las Vegas. From the lights of the Strip to the buffets, shows and amusements, there’s always something to do and somewhere to gamble.

If you do plan on spending any time in the casinos, I’m going to pass on some wise advice I once heard from a Vegas veteran: Go easy on those free drinks – and leave your ATM card at home.

Writer Bob Bissler is managing editor of BodyShop Business.
For more information or to register for NACE, go to

The Collision Repairers Guide to Vegas Slang

Action – Sum total of your winnings.

Bankroll – Amount of money an individual or a casino has to gamble with.

Black chip – $100 casino chip.

Book – The room where sports and race bets are made.

Boxcars – Rolling two sixes (12) in craps.

Boxman – The craps dealer who sits over the drop box and supervises bets and payoffs.

The Cage – Where a casino keeps its money.

Carpet Joint – A casino catering to high rollers.

Check – Casino chips.

Crossroader – A casino cheat.

Croupier – The guy at the craps table who gathers the dice and chips with a stick.

Drop – Total cash traded for chips at the gambling table.

Eye in the Sky – One-way mirror surveillance in the casino area.

Green Chip – $25 casino chip.

Grind – Low roller.

Grind Joint – Casino that caters to low rollers. See also Sawdust Joint.

Hard Count – Counting the change from slot machines.

Hold – House profit from all the wagers.

House Advantage – Mathematical edge for winning that the casino gives itself.

Junket – A group of high rollers flown in on a chartered plane by the casino.

Ladderman – A baccarat supervisor.

Limit – The least or maximum bet accepted at a gaming table.

Markers – High roller IOUs.

Marryin‘ Sam – Wedding chapel minister.

Pigeon – A gambler who chases his/her losses. See also Plunger and Steamer.

Pit – The casino employee area behind the table games.

Pit Boss – A casino boss who oversees numerous table dealers.

Plunger – A gambler who chases his losses. See also Pigeon and Steamer.

Rack – The device that holds the chips on gaming tables.

RFB Comp – Room, Food and Beverage complimentary from the hotel.

Sawdust Joint – A casino catering to low rollers. See also Grind Joint.

Shoe – A container from which several decks of cards are dealt on the baccarat and blackjack tables, which prevents the dealer from holding cards.

Soft Count – Counting the folding money.

Steamer – A gambler who chases his/her losses. See also Pigeon and Plunger.

Stickman – The dealer who moves the dice around on a craps table with a hook-shaped stick.

Stiff – A winning gambler who “stiffs” the dealer by not tipping.

Toke – Gratuity or tip.

Turkey – A gambler who is unpleasant to the dealer.

Whales – Wealthy gamblers who routinely lose millions of dollars.

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