PDA Announces Results One Year After Launch of PDA Xpress

Property Damage Appraisers Announce Results One Year After Launch of PDA Xpress

PDA announces it is committing to reducing the promised cycle time from three hours to two and a half.

Property Damage Appraisers (PDA) announced that one year after the launch of PDA’s virtual estimating tool PDA Xpress, it is committing to reducing the promised cycle time from three hours to two and a half.

“We’re continuing to set the bar for the claims industry, resulting in cycle time reduction, increased accuracy and improvement in satisfaction,” said Tom Slimak, chief business development officer, PDA. “The fact that we’re able to beat industry norms for cycle time is great. When estimates are completed accurately, this translates into better results across the board. We anticipate that the headway we’re making will lead customers to expect top-notch service from all facets of their experience.”

Low Supplement Ratio

In the insurance industry, a low supplement ratio is the result of accurate, quality estimates and expert appraisers. On a granular level, it’s an indicator of the percentage of estimates that require an additional review because the original estimate was not accurate or complete. PDA Xpress’ supplement ratio is extremely low at nine percent. This means that the majority of PDA estimates were completed without error, saving companies time and money.

High Net Promoter Score

PDA earned high marks on the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS asks how likely a customer would be to recommend a company to a peer. PDA Xpress customers’ NPS is 94 percent. Extensive research has shown that an NPS acts as a leading indicator of growth.

One Source for the Entire Claims Process

PDA Xpress is a Web-based tool instead of a downloadable app that would only be used occasionally, so it doesn’t take up space on a customer’s phone. When photos aren’t sufficient to complete an estimate, or a supplement requires a field visit during the claims process, companies with virtual estimating tools that aren’t backed by a national network of appraisers have to turn the claim back over to the insurance company or adjuster to complete the process. With PDA, there is one source from the beginning of the process to the final estimate.

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