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Ryan Evans of Counting Cars Takes Wedge Clamp Products for a Test Drive

Master painter at Count’s Kustoms and star of the TV show “Counting Cars” tries out Wedge Clamp’s Stat-Gun and NitroHeat system.



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Wedge Clamp announced that its Stat-Gun and NitroHeat system has a new celebrity customer. This time, it’s reality TV star Ryan Evans, master painter at Count’s Kustoms featured on the TV show, “Counting Cars.”

The Stat-Gun prepares the painting surface by eliminating static on the plastic or metal substrate, allowing paint to lay down smoother for a brighter and better finish.

Evans was already a convert of the Stat-Gun. “Honestly, I can’t say enough about this. It’s invaluable; it is our best friend at the shop,” said Evans, who first tried out NitroHeat system at Wedge Clamp’s headquarters in Long Beach, Calif. “It gives us a perfect, clean, dust-free surface to paint on.”


According to NitroHeat’s designer, Derek Naidoo, the NitroHeat system combines heat and low-pressure nitrogen to deliver a smoother, faster-drying and more economical paint application than conventional compressed air systems.

A video of Evans’ reaction clearly shows his enthusiasm for the system’s capabilities.

“This is incredible. It should not spray like this,” says Evans in the video. “The way the metallics lay down, everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be. There’s no blotching. The transfer of the material onto the surface is nuts with the NitroHeat. I’m dumbfounded. It’s incredible.”

To watch a video of Evans’ reaction to the NitroHeat system, click here. For more information on Wedge Clamp’s Stat-Gun or NitroHeat systems, visit wedgeclamp.com.


Wedge Clamp is the exclusive North American distributor for NitroHeat.

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