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STRANGE BUT TRUE: Woman Nicked for Shaving Behind the Wheel

Hygiene-challenged Florida woman wrecks car while trying to groom bikini line.


A Florida woman getting ready to meet her boyfriend March 2 apparently confused her car with her bathroom, attempting to shave her bikini line from behind the wheel while her passenger – her ex-husband – steered the car. The Citizen reported that the distracted pair ended up rear-ending the pickup in front of them as it slowed to turn on a highway in the Florida Keys.

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The shaving driver, Megan Mariah Barnes, continued driving for a half mile after the crash, then tried switching seats with her ex-husband to avoid blame. The day before, Barnes was convicted of DUI and had her license suspended for five years.

“She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit,” Trooper Gary Dunick told the newspaper. “If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

“I’m starting to believe this stuff only happens in the Keys,” he later added.

The driver and two passengers in the rear-ended pickup were treated for minor injuries. Barnes was charged with driving with a revoked license, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and driving without insurance.

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