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VeriFacts Offers Webinar on Building a Great Team

VeriFacts Automotive, LLC announced that the next Guild 21 Webinar, “Optimizing Your Best Asset – Your Team,” will be held on Thursday, Sept. 9 at 2 p.m. EST. The 60-minute presentation will feature Jill Meeuwsen, CEO of Synergy-Peak Performance Thru People, a consulting firm specializing in helping companies drive growth and profitability as well as create powerful cultures by harnessing the power of people.
“Companies today face a multitude of challenges with ever-changing requirements to do more with less, get and stay in front of the competition and build the bottom line,” said Meeuwsen. “Managers and leaders serve from an overburdened stage of burnout, with little if any work-life balance. That dissipates through the ranks.”
During the webinar, Meeuwsen will share strategies rooted in the understanding of the challenges and scenarios that today’s leaders face. 
Discussion topics will include:

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  • Organic training and promotion 
  • Unlocking productivity potential and creating a powerful culture
  • Managing a single shop vs. multiple locations
  • Dealing with a multitude of challenges that cause employee burnout
  • It’s a small world – employee swapping

Meeuwsen said her approach is always rooted in people. “Engaged employees are loyal, creative and accountable. Engaged employees create engaged customers. Great company cultures drive profitability, corporate value and strong differentiation.”

The webinar will be hosted by George Avery, industry consultant and professional speaker; Gabriel Morley, senior vice president of VeriFacts; and Micki Woods, a collision industry marketing specialist and podcast host. Following the presentation, there will be time for Q&A.


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