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NABR Launches

National AutoBody Research (NABR) has announced the launch of its new website, bringing an unparalleled level of labor rate price transparency to the auto collision repair industry.

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Now, for free, all body shops in the U.S. can complete the national, standardized LaborRateHero survey of their posted labor rates and see basic survey results in any ZIP code, down to the shop level.

LaborRateHero also gives consumers a valuable resource to understand market prices for collision repair labor in their area, helping to assist in their selection of a body shop and set their expectations about repair costs.

“LaborRateHero achieves two major breakthroughs for the collision repair industry,” said Sam Valenzuela, president of NABR. “First is price transparency. That is an absolute requirement for a free market economy to function properly. And this industry needs a much better understanding of market prices. LaborRateHero enables this and helps every market get to the right range of labor prices for that area.


“Second is an industry standard solution. With LaborRateHero, the industry now has a superior, single-source solution for measuring and reporting market labor rates. It is independent and unbiased, equally accessible by all shops, continuously measuring and reporting market rates, available 24-7, and it’s totally transparent for everyone to see.”

To take the free online survey, visit and click the hero. Within a few business days, the body shop and their posted labor rate (body labor) will be listed on for free.

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